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Valentine’s Day Videos For Lovers & Haters | 5 Videos To Please Both Sides Of The Divide

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Valentine’s Day Videos For Lovers & Haters | 5 Videos To Please Both Sides Of The Divide

Valentine's Day Videos For Lovers & HatersValentine’s day is upon us once again, and whether you think it’s a sweet and harmless celebration which should be honoured, or an invented piece of commercial crap, you should appreciate the following videos.

I have mixed feelings on it, as I celebrate it with my girlfriend, but don’t go overboard on the cards and presents… it’s not Christmas after all.

I also feel bad for all of the single people out there who on the 14th February more than any other day, get left out and treated differently than those who are in relationships.

Here are five videos from YouTube which should appeal to both sides of the divide, the lovers, and the haters. Enjoy…

The Valentine Song

This song should be absolutely rubbish, but it’s actually okay. Supposedly an entry in to YouTube’s Greatest Love Story Contest, we have an Asian rapper, and big back as Cupid. Original is the word you’re looking for.

Ze Frank’s Valentine Rant

Everyone knows of Ze Frank, and if they don’t, they should do. This video is a short rant by the man, talking about Valentines Day, his personal experiences, and some obscure yet hilarious ramblings.

Pingu’s Valentine

Pingu is an obscure animated series from Switzerland which is now adored around the world. In this classic episode, Pingu receives a Valentine’s card, and then tries to make one to return to his penguin sweetheart.

Will It Blend – Valentine’s Toy Special

We’ve had plenty of Will It Blend? videos here on WebTVHub, but none as sweet as this. We get to see one of those ultra annoying Valentine’s soft toys ripped to shreds by Tom Dickson. I wish the ones in the next video would be met by the same fate.

The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2008

Noooo, please make it stop! This is a brilliant idea for a video, just walking along the rows of annoying singing Valentine’s toys turning them on and seeing what they do. The plea at the end is so true… please heed the advice!

Whatever you decide to do with your Valentine’s day this year, make sure you enjoy it, and spend it with people you love, be it your partner, family, or even just friends.

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