(video) Jack Black gets anti Piracy

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Below is an interesting video with actor Jack Black asking people to “not be a douche” and stay away from pirated copies of videos and music.

He claims that piracy results in actors losing out on money which results in actors losing their inspiration, which in turn leads to the end of movies, music and other entertainment as we know it.

Well just in case you were worried that piracy was emptying the pockets of actors and music artists then take a look at what Jack Black was paid for some of his recent successful movies, obviously this wasn’t enough:

  • $8,000,000 – Nacho Libre (2006)
  • $2,000,000 – Orange County (2002)
  • $2,000,000 – Shallow Hal (2001)
  • $1,000,000 – Saving Silverman (2001)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with piracy. However, I do believe that there is no decent, fairly priced download service available which isn’t overpowered with restrictions on how you watch/listen to your media, the iTunes Movie Store and Amazon Unbox just don’t cut it at the moment. Piracy provides a valuable push to content producers make movies and music more fairly priced.

I also don’t think movie actors with multi-million dollar salaries should not complain about piracy impacting their pay check.

There is of course the chance that Jack Black is joking here, but the fact that this was produced by New Line Cinema makes me beleive this is serious, although he could have been forced into it.

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