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Watch Awesome “99 Years Of Bad Luck in 61 Seconds” Video!

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Watch Awesome “99 Years Of Bad Luck in 61 Seconds” Video!

Oh ho! Watch out guys. We’ve got a real B.A. over here. My only suggestion, where’s the black cat, bra? Just kidding since no lie, that does take some balls.

I know what you were thinking…how the hell was he going to manage that much bad luck in such a short amount of time? Simply break a bunch of mirrors??? Not quite. He saved that easy number for the end!

Here’s a little note on their methodology:

To calculate how much bad luck each activity was, BuzzFeed consulted with various experts on bad luck, researched popular folklore and incorporate our own experiences. Exact amounts of bad luck for each action may vary depending on personal circumstance.

But as a quick note from a fan on some real bad luck starters: break a condom = 35 years of bad luck living in your basement, unemployed, smoking dope, playing video games. Advice = get a vasectomy when you are 18.

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