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Watch Hilarious “Amanda Bynes Isn’t Crazy” (Video) | Amanda Bynes goes Topless on Twitter

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Watch Hilarious “Amanda Bynes Isn’t Crazy” (Video) | Amanda Bynes goes Topless on Twitter

Lady Gaga wannabe is getting dirtier with every Tweet it seems as she poses pretty much nude with captions like “Rawr!” and “Long hair, don’t care.” The shots are posed in total tease mode rather than revealing anything worthwhile. I mean who gives a crap about some torn leggings? Half the chicks I know wear those.

Oh but wait, she also shaved half her head so she’s feeling wild. With an attitude like that, it’s only right to send these pics to over 800,000 friends on the internet where they can remain forever for the world to see. Say what? There’s a knock at the door? And it’s the NYPD.

The photos were so provocative that someone allegedly called the cops on to make sure she wasn’t cray-cray high on drugs. The pics even got former Playboy cover star Jenny McCarthy’s attention!

Now the world will see, as she told In Touch the afternoon before, that she IS NOT crazy. This is proof that when people say you’re insane, it’s only coming “from an ugly person’s mouth.” Is this her evidence? Really? Yes, because she’s the kind of person who “only has hot friends.”

Or so she says…just look at her. My neighbor looks better than she does right now. Somebody get this girl a doctor!

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