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Watch Beyonce as Mrs. Carter H&M Commercial | Music Video

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Watch Beyonce as Mrs. Carter H&M Commercial | Music Video

H&M paid some serious money to have their clothes advertised by one of America’s biggest celebrities as she makes a 1:30 sec music video having absolutely nothing to do with the clothes she’s wearing. But that is one fine lady, I might add.

I’m not sure what’s been going on with commercials lately but they are just paying way too much money to say nothing about their products. They gave this woman full reign to advertise herself essentially. SHe’s dancing around in beach Summer attire when last I checked, we’re still in rainy Spring.

She must be on an island somewhere. Do the islands even have H&M clothing stores? Their clothes are so poorly made, those dresses couldn’t possibly last more than this one day at the beach anyway.

So what exactly are they trying to say? Buy our clothes, and you’ll be dancing on a beach as sexy as Beyonce. Another poor judgement catered to the fans of disillusioned America. Just like those fools who voted Gwyneth Paltrow as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the U.S.” Way to go commercialism. You suck once again.

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