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Watch The Strange History Of Everyday Greetings And Phrases (Video)

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Watch The Strange History Of Everyday Greetings And Phrases (Video)

You want to find out where the greeting “Hello!” came from? What about the saying “cool as a cucumber!” Or better yet, “WTF.” Because something that is sorely lacking in today’s education (unless of course, you’re an English major) is knowing the history of our own language. So wise up the fun way.

The universal trendy phrase “What’s up” actually originated from the two literary bro Mark Twain and Jack London! NOT from Bugs Bunny. I like this origin much better. I wonder if they got this from the OED…as in: The Oxford English Dictionary online.

Or try the famous, “OMG.” This is an acronym used way too much by internet junkies and kids attached to their cell phones. But the first time it was used was dated in year 1711 during WWII, when some admiral sent a telegraph saying, “O.M.G. -Oh! My! God!- Shower it on the admiralty!”

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P.S. “Do you know who I am” is not just a saying for egotistical celebrities.

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