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Watch Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Full Speech: Refuses to Leave After Being Sacked BBC News Video

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Watch Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Full Speech: Refuses to Leave After Being Sacked BBC News Video


Watch Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Full Speech: Refuses to Leave After Being Sacked BBC News Video

“Zimbabweans watched in disbelief as President Robert Mugabe, who they thought was going to resign, instead delivered a meandering speech on state television that made clear he has no plans to leave power.

“In less than a week, the 93-year-old leader has survived both a military takeover and the largest public protests in the country’s history, reaffirming his uncanny ability to navigate the nation’s political tides.

“Mugabe said the criticisms levelled against his government “were inescapable”. But he suggested that he could make the necessary reforms to satisfy his critics, a doubtful contention given the overwhelming opposition to his rule.

“That opposition was underscored on Sunday, hours before his speech, when his own party dismissed him as leader.”

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