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WizeTrade TV | The first Stock Market Internet TV Channel with daily live programming

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WizeTrade TV | The first Stock Market Internet TV Channel with daily live programming

WizeTrade TVGlobalTec has announced its new subscriber only financial Internet TV Channel specifically devoted to the stock market and trading, called WizeTrade TV.

WizeTrade TV was previously launced in 2005 as a broadcasting training tool for customers of GlobalTec products. More recently WizeTrade TV has moved to larger broadcasting studios to open up the new WizeTrade TV as a subscription based internet TV channel specializing in Stock Market trading.

A 30-day free trial is available requiring only an email address. Unfortunately I could not find any information on how much WizeTrade TV normally costs.

WizeTrade TV offers 12 hours of live-in-the-market programming every trading day covering various topics on the stock market and focusing on important high reward stocks to buy and sell.

WizeTrade TV also allows viewers to share their trade opportunities and strategies with other viewers and Viewers can also affect the content of daily programming by submitting questions to WizeTrade TV.

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1 Comment

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