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alexandra orlando

Born, raised, and still living in Toronto Canada, Alexandra Orlando has seen both triumph and tragedy in her career in rhythmic gymnastics.

Having missed the Athens Olympics by one spot, she was delighted to have the opportunity to complete in the Beijing Olympics.

Olympic Test Event - 2007 Rhythmic Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament

Alexandra will be 21 (birthday January 19, 1987) when she competes this year. She is expected to do well, as she is one of only four athletes to win six gold medals at a single Commonwealth Games.

When she’s not competing in gymnastics, she is attending the University of Toronto studying commerce and training at the Ritmika RG Club under Mimi Masleva.

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Alexandra Orlando Jumping

Alexandra Orlando Pretty Face

Alexandra Orlando Leg Stretch

Alexandra Orlando Short Skirt

Alexandra Orlando Long Legs

Alexandra Orlando Wind in Hair

Alexandra Orlando Nice Ass

Alexandra Orlando Long Leg

Alexandra Orlando Skipping

Alexandra Orlando Spread Legs

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