Ana Ivanovic Hot Pics and Videos | Super Sexy Tennis Star of the 2008 Beijing Olympics – 29th Hottest Girl

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Women’s singles tennis star Ana Ivanovic will be one of the hottest women going into the Olympic games this year, and with topless pictures like that you can see why! She’s not the only hot Serbian at the Olympics this year either.

This six foot one inch tall beauty from Serbia also counts Beijing as her first Olympics appearance. Ivanovic has quickly learned, however, exactly what it is to be at the top – and how much everyone else wants to take you down.


Ana’s success hasn’t come without a lot of hard work and effort, though. She had a love of tennis from an early age, but she had to deal with the effects of the political strife her country was going through.

In the times when she would have to take a multi-hour bus ride just to get to an airport, she doubted the possibility of succeeding. She’s made it through it all, though, and stands to do great things.

Picture Credit:, TennisPlanet


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