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Posted in: Online TV Software & Tools, Politics, Tech Related and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on January 17, 2009

Ustream.tv has announced that its live coverage of Obama’s Inauguration will be available to watch live via an iPhone.

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Posted in: News and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on March 4, 2008

As always there is always a consistent flow of DISH Network ‘special’ offers popping up throughout the year.

The cheapest DISH network deal I’ve seen so far is for $19.99 a month but that is just a starter package and the cost can quickly spiral to over $100 as you add more channels.

Most people will at least want to start with the $30 a month package for DISH Network satellite TV, but there are a huge range of options and pricing plans that are available ranging from 86 channels to 327 channels.

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Posted in: Internet TV Tips, News, Online TV Software & Tools and Web TV Gadgets by Iman Peera on November 25, 2007

So you’ve got some extra cash laying around and are contemplating to yourself: “Self…should I buy that iPod Video? How else can I get all my favorite music, movies, and shows in the palm of my hand at an affordable price?”

Well, I think it’s about time for you and “self” to have a little sit-down because I’m about to save you some money. Introducing Orb.com; the answer to your prayers.

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Posted in: News, Regular TV Episodes and TiVo by Katrina Robinson on September 5, 2007

Amazon UnboxStarting September 10, Amazon Unbox customers will be able to download pilot episodes of NBC‘s newest shows. The really sweet part of this? Customers won’t have to pay a cent for these pilots.

The pilots that will be available are for the new shows Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman and Life With Amazon Unbox TV shows can be watched on a PC or through TiVo (if you have one).

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Posted in: News, Tech Related, TiVo, Video Downloads and Web TV Gadgets by Katrina Robinson on July 16, 2007

Amazon UnboxAmazon and TiVo have some extremely exciting news.

In their joint announcement, the two multi-million dollar companies stated that movies available in Amazon’s Unbox department can now be accessed by those who use Series 2 and Series 3 TiVo set top boxes!

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Posted in: Apple TV, News and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on May 23, 2007

AppleTVThe AppleTV was given a bad review on the Australian CNET website leaving it one of the worst rated media extenders by CNET.au.

The AppleTV basically allows you to connect your PC or Mac wirelessly to your TV so you can watch and listen to music and video from your PC or Mac. I was also disappointed with the AppleTV and personally think there are better products out there.

According to CNET the Helios X5000 HD Network Media Player, HP MV2020 Media Vault and Netgear EVA700 Digital Entertainer are all better devices.

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Posted in: Apple TV, News, Video Downloads and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on April 28, 2007

Apple recently announced it will be adding some upgrades to the Apple TV, the new device that connects your PC and iTunes music and video collection to your TV.

Basically if you use iTunes and have a big iTunes video and music collection the Apple TV can bring all of that onto your TV set via a home network.

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Posted in: News, TiVo, Video On Demand and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on April 27, 2007
TiVo Amazon Poll

I often like to poke my nose around the TiVo community forum to see what TiVo users are saying and thinking. With the launch of Amazon Unbox I decided to ask them whether they were pleased or disappointed with the new TiVo Amazon Unbox service.

From 141 people that answered the poll 55% were pleased while 45% were disappointed. While more people were pleased it looks like a lot of Amazon Unbox customers are not happy.

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Posted in: Movies, News, Regular TV Episodes, TiVo, Video On Demand and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on April 6, 2007
Amazon Unbox on TiVo

Have you got your $15 Amazon Unbox voucher yet to get movie and TV episode downloads on your TiVo?

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Posted in: Movies, News, TiVo, Video On Demand and Web TV Gadgets by Chris Tew on March 7, 2007
Amazon Unbox on TiVo

TiVo has launched the new Amazon Unbox service today! Here’s what it says on the TiVo website:

“Amazon Unbox on TiVo service is a new TiVo feature that lets you rent or buy movies online from Amazon Unbox, download them to your TiVo box over your home network, and enjoy them right on your television set whenever you want.  With a TiVo box and a broadband connection, you never have to drive to the video store or wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail again.”

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