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FeedBeat | Create Your Own Web TV Channel


FeedBeat | Create Your Own Web TV Channel

Feedbeat LogoCreating your own TV channel is all the rage at the moment with new start-up websites allowing you to create your own internet TV channel from existing videos on video portals like YouTube, MySpace and DailyMotion.

We already have SplashCast, CozmoTV and WorldTV working in this area but you may not have heard of FeedBeat.

FeedBeat Compared

FeedBeat is probably not the easiest to use since the language on the site does not explain things very well and it is also not as popular as CozmoTV or SplashCast. However, for anyone who is technically minded it creating a chanel won’t be very hard to do.

FeedBeat does feature plenty of advanced options if you are creating a channel giving you a lot of control over how your channel works.  For those of you watching the channel it uses the beautiful StreamCast Player which makes watching videos in full screen effortless.

Feedbeat supports videos from Vimeo, Youtube,, Daily motion, Google Video and Myspace.

Rough Round the Edges

Feedbeat has a lot of potential but it feels unfinished and rough around the edges. Some of the advanced features involved with creating a channel, such as embedding vidoes, do not work exactly as you’d expect but from a viewers perspective everything looks great.

My Channel

I quickly threw up a channel on Jim Carrey Singing Videos which took me about 2 minutes and here it is.

You can see more channels here.


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