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Tagging Videos to Make Your Own TV Channel

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Tagging Videos to Make Your Own TV Channel

Tagging Features

Marshall Kirkpatrick of the SplashCast Blog has written an insight into using tagging to collect and share videos.

In this instance he is discussing tagging as the process of finding a video and bookmarking/saving it along with keyword/s. So for example you may find a cool Jim Carrey video and tag it as "Jim Carrey", "Actors" and "Comedy".

You can now use the video in your own library, or as part of a web TV channel you share with other people. If you or your friends wanted to see a library of Jim Carrey videos then that video would be added into the library since you tagged it as "Jim Carrey".

As you, your friends, and possibly other people in a wider community go around tagging videos you can end up with a much larger video library/channel that contains only videos that have been tagged with something that interests you.

Examples of sites that allow you to make your own channel are SplashCast, CozmoTV, Feedbeat and WorldTV. SplashCast works particularly well with this tagging idea.

This is all just a more personalized and social way to consume video.

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