Classic TV Shows from the Past.

Classic TV

Awesome Original Advertisement Video | Dungeons and Dragons Commercial

It had to start somewhere.
24 sec read

Cool Funny 1950s Video | Disney’s Future of Transportation

Disney presented its view of the future of transportation technology in this video from the 1950s. It’s both funny and amazing...
21 sec read

Andy Kaufman on Letterman (Video) | Kaufman Lets Jerry Lawler Have It

I barely remember Andy Kaufman, but watching Man on the Moon made me wish I could. But thanks to the magic...
Kristy Pruitt
23 sec read

Classic Sesame Street Videos | No Longer For Kids?

Ex-squeeze me? So now the first episodes of Sesame Street are now on DVDs. But here’s the kicker, they are for...
Julie Popp
36 sec read

Sesame Street Music Video | The Beetles Sing ‘Letter B’ On A Classic Children’s TV Clip

They don’t make telly like they used to do they. In most cases this is a good thing as old TV...
Dave Parrack
28 sec read

Simon Cowell X Factor Put Downs Video | A Classic As He Compares Girls To Vicki Pollard

Is it me or has Simon Cowell so far been less cutting than normal in this new series of The X...
Dave Parrack
40 sec read

“The Bob Newhart Show” 35th Anniversary | Watch TV Land Marathon to Celebrate

At 8 pm on September 10th (today), you have the chance to help TV Land celebrate one of the most classic...
Katrina Robinson
23 sec read

Weird Al Yankovic Music Video | TV Debut On The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder

I’m a big fan of Weird Al Yankovic, thinking his music parodies are the best around. And here is proof that...
Dave Parrack
33 sec read

Candid Alex Trebek Video | Jeopardy Host Needs His Mouth Washed Out With Soap

When I was young, I remember watching Jeopardy every night with my mom. It was good, clean, educational fun that we...
Kristy Pruitt
21 sec read

Watch Old TV Shows & Classic Clips Online with | Well, Maybe!

Visit TV Land! No, it’s not some mythical place where old television stars go to spend their retirement. Instead this TV...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Classic Jeopardy Blooper Video| “What’s a ho?”

This is a classic piece of television, and a classic Jeopardy blooper which I couldn’t resist sharing with you all. The...
Dave Parrack
35 sec read

Guitar Twins | Brothers Play 90210 TV Theme on One Guitar

Admit it: the theme song from Beverly Hills 90210 rocked pretty hard in its day. Now twins Brendan and Jackson Kenny...
Lauren Katulka
21 sec read

Watch Old Comedy TV Shows

Fancy watching some old comedy TV shows? Well has just added a section featuring some old classic comedy shows. Unfortunately...
Chris Tew
20 sec read

Watch Marlo Thomas Cult TV Shows Online – That Girl and Free to Be.

Can you imagine all the TV Shows that have appeared on TV but are now locked down in some storage basement...
Chris Tew
47 sec read