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Hair Loss Cure Comedy Video | This Is One Way To Solve The Problem – Hair Restorer

Hair loss affects most men at some point in their lives. OK, it may not have got you yet as you...
Dave Parrack
56 sec read

The Dust Mites Song Video | They May Cause Skin Allergies But They’re Cute!

This is a fun little video showing an animated rendition of the dust mites song. It’s not the cleverest piece of...
Dave Parrack
51 sec read

Magic Isagenix Diet ABC News Report Video | Fast & Extreme Weight Loss Healthy?

This is an ABC news report on a so called ‘Magic Diet’ which claims you can lose 15lbs in 9 days....
Dave Parrack
53 sec read

Weight Loss Transformation Video – Picture-a-Day | Guy Goes from Flabby to Buff in 136 Days

You’ve seen those picture a day videos where people take pictures of themselves each day, but this one showcasing a man’s...
Kristy Pruitt
21 sec read | Real Life Health Issues on Video

Whatever type of ailment or illness you may have had in your life you are probably aware that there are others...
Chris Tew
57 sec read