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MSNBC: Tiger Woods Quits Golf (Video) | Drops Out of PGA Tour, Sponsors Pulling Away

Tiger Woods isn’t just a golfer- he’s the very best. In fact, because of his new announcement to take a break...
Iman Peera
31 sec read

Holly Sampson Tiger Woods Video | Porn Star Talks About Sex With Golfer During Live Chat

Just how many women has Tiger Woods slept with anyway? Thankfully for him, the latest name to add to the list...
Dave Parrack
36 sec read

Tiger Woods Jaimee Grubbs Voicemail Video | Golfer Comments On His “Transgressions”

It’s fair to say Tiger Woods hasn’t had a very good week. First there were allegations of extra-marital activity, then he...
Dave Parrack
39 sec read

Amazing Vijay Singh Hole In One Video | Real Or Fake – I’m Not Convinced Either Way

This video purportedly shows a hole-in-one by Vijay Singh during the 2009 Masters. Except is it? Really? I can’t get the...
Dave Parrack
30 sec read

Tiger Woods Throws Golf Club Video | Tiger Loses Cool During Barclays Tournament

Tiger Woods is rightly regarded as one of, if not the, best golfers in the world. Not just now, but that...
Dave Parrack
36 sec read

Llama Caddies at American Golf Course Video

Looking for the perfect golf caddy? Sherwood Forest Golf Course in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina may have just what you’re searching...
Lauren Katulka
24 sec read

Funny 2009 Tiger Woods Fart (Video) | Lets One Rip At Buick Open

Many fans are saying that Tiger wasn’t the one who farted in this clip taken from the Buick Open last Sunday....
Iman Peera
34 sec read

Tiger Woods Fart Video | On The 18th Fairway Of The Golf Buick Open

Why are farts so funny? All they are is someone’s bowel expelling excess gas from inside the body. Is that really...
Dave Parrack
37 sec read

Swedish Golfer Wins Players Championship Vid | Henrik Stenson Brilliant Finish in Florida

Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson took the spotlight away from Tiger Woods in Florida for the Players Championship by playing a suppurate...
23 sec read

Amazing Hole in One Golf Video | Fuzzy Zoeller Makes One in a Million Shot

I admit that for the most part golf puts me to sleep. But every now and then you see a play...
Lauren Katulka
27 sec read

Amazing 2 Year-Old Kid Golfing Video | The Next Tiger Woods?

Here’s another kid to add to the list of talented tikes. Grayton is only 2 years old, yet he’s already swings...
Iman Peera
24 sec read

Tiger Woods Walks On Water Glitch Video | New Video Game Ad Compares Him To Jesus

Not too long ago, a YouTube user Levanator25 uploaded a video from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 that showed Tiger standing...
Iman Peera
28 sec read

Kangaroo Doing Some Bell Ringing Video | Marsupial Interrupts Australian Golf Game

Animals have got genitals too. Were you aware of that? It seems these two news anchors weren’t as they can’t seem...
Dave Parrack
25 sec read

Wacky Golfing Richochet Video – Golfer Working on His Drive Lands in the Water

There are certain things that only happen on TV: one-punch knockouts, gorgeous women who are completely unaware of how pretty they...
Michael van Cleave
37 sec read

Robin Williams on the Invention of Golf (Vid)

Robin Williams is the man of many voices and is known for his incredible comedic and voice abilities in movie favorites...
Julie Popp
54 sec read

Golf TV and Lifestyle TV added to TiVoCast on Series 2 TiVo DVRs

American users of TiVo Series 2 digital video recorders are now able to get two more internet TV channels through the...
Chris Tew
49 sec read