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Shocking Taekwondo Olympic Games Video | Cuba’s Angel Matos Kicks Referee

Taekwondo is a spiritual sport, emphasizing discipline and respect above all else. It looks like someone forgot to tell Cuba’s Angel...
Lauren Katulka
31 sec read

MMA Video Highlights | 10 Mixed Martial Arts Videos For Veterans & Newbies To Watch

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a contact sport that allows a variety of different martial arts and fighting techniques. The...
Dave Parrack
27 sec read

Kimbo Slice Slices James Thompson’s Ear Open | Weird Way To Get A TKO

When my friends and I were watching this fight in amazement that someone had taken Kimbo Slice beyond the first round,...
Julie Popp
28 sec read

Animals Kung Fu Fighting Video | Jackie Chan’s Kitty Cat vs. A Cobra

What happens when a cobra and a kitty cat battle it out? Normally, the snake would win, but this kitty happens...
Iman Peera
24 sec read

Cat Boxing Video | I Want to See This Kitty In the Ring!

My Dad always jokes that cats are evil creatures who secretly plot their revenge on pesky humans. If this video’s anything...
Lauren Katulka
24 sec read

Urban Ninja Video | This Man has the Moves!

At first glance this guy looks like your average Asian businessman. But when he rips off the tie and strips off...
Lauren Katulka
24 sec read

Boxer Knocks Out Referees Video | Fighter Punches Not One, But Two, Officials!

Boxing’s a pretty simple sport really. You get in a ring, throw a few punches, and do your best to smash...
Lauren Katulka
23 sec read

Funny Cop Shoots Gun with His Penis Video | Benny The Swedish Super Cop

While the majority of cop videos that get spread over the internet are negative, this one happens to be favorable. Hell,...
Iman Peera
21 sec read

Gina Carano Vs. Julie Kedzie in Elite XC Fighting | The Women Have Entered the Cage

If I recall correctly, Gina Carano has fought 4-5 times for the Elite XC, and is still undefeated. The night after...
Julie Popp
31 sec read

Kimbo Slice Street Fight Video | Ferguson Submits Nearly Immediately

This guy, Kimbo Slice, started out almost killing guys on the street, in the true form of street fighting. He finally...
Julie Popp
35 sec read

Midgets Fighting On Jerry Springer Video | Ultimate Midget Fighting Championships!

This video is not big (in more ways than one) and it’s not clever, but it is bloody funny. I’m sorry,...
Dave Parrack
44 sec read

Bjork Hitting Reporter In Bangkok Video | Icelandic Singer Loses It In Bangkok Airport

Bjork is a great singer, and by the looks of this video also a great fighter. This incident happened in 1996...
Dave Parrack
37 sec read

Martial Arts Tricks Video | Defying Gravity & Displaying Awesome Gymnastic Skills

I’m a big big fan of martial arts movies. Not so much the Americanised ones, but the old Hong Kong style...
Dave Parrack
34 sec read

Girl Fight Video | Not Your Average Hair-Pulling Contest

I know, I know, it’s another girl fight, big deal. Believe me, most of the time they bore me to. It’s...
Michael van Cleave
36 sec read

Karate Accident Vid | Wrestling Move Nearly Snaps Man In Half

There are moments in sports that make spectators cringe. Watching a knee getting bent back in the wrong direction or a...
Chris Tew
53 sec read

10 Kung Fu Videos

It’s time for another selection of themed videos and this time it’s Kung Fu. Here are 10 of the best Kung...
Chris Tew
1 min read

Ultimate Fighting Championship alternative coming online

An alternative to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) could be officially heading to the internet sometime next year. The Jungle Fight...
Chris Tew
20 sec read