Nicky Maxwell Big Brother 8 Video | Nicky The BB8 Stand Up Comedian?!?

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Nicky was one of the least funny and most boring contestants in this year’s Big Brother. So for her to be described as a “stand up comedian” takes a miracle, or just a stroke of genius from Big Brother.

The only way she could be funny was as part of a secret mission given to her by Big Brother in which she had to perform a 2 minute stand up routine.

It was a brilliant task to give Nicky, as the other house mates were instantly going to think something was up. It’s not like she spends her time trying to make them laugh under normal circumstances.

I give her credit for her response in the diary room after Big Brother asked her if she was funny. Saying “Yep, I’m fucking hilarious” is probably the funniest thing Nicky said in all her time on the show.

First of all, she had to get Gerry out of bed… but she manages it at last. The look of gormless delight on Channelle‘s face during the routine is brilliant.

Charley meanwhile can’t even be bothered to stand still for 2 minutes… too long away from a mirror to pose in to no doubt.

Even though no-one liked or laughed at her lame jokes, Nicky did manage to pass the task and won a takeaway for all of the house mates. She did do something good while in the house then!

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