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Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction Video | She Screams “My Pussy Is Hanging Out!”

Most of us have seen Britney Spears’ pussy. Not up close and personal of course, unless you’re very unlucky, but in...
Dave Parrack
35 sec read

Celebrities Pledge to Make World a Better Place Video | Demi Moore Directs Star Studded PSA

It seems like only yesterday that our favorite celebrities made a tongue-in-cheek plea for us to not vote. Now that Barack...
Lauren Katulka
27 sec read

Funny Filming Sex Tips Video | How Girls Can Avoid a Scandal

Pamela Anderson’s done it. Paris Hilton’s done it. So has Kim Kardashian, Tonya Harding, and Survivor Jenna Lewis. That’s right kiddies....
Lauren Katulka
22 sec read

Funny Political Ad Vid | Talk to Your Parents About Voting for John McCain

“And if you’re ever out somewhere and you’re considering voting McCain, just call me. I’ll pick you up; no questions asked.”...
21 sec read

Sarah Silverman for Barack Obama Video

We’ve seen stars like Matt Damon and Paris Hilton weigh in on the race to the Whitehouse. But what are these...
Lauren Katulka
25 sec read

Chanelle Hayes Sex Tape Video | Chanelle From Big Brother Has Sex With A Puppet

A while ago, the tabloid newspapers in the UK got all excited after a 30 second video of Chanelle Hayes from...
Dave Parrack
35 sec read

Superficial Friends: Funny Web Series Parodies Super Friends | Controversial Spoof

There have been a lot of ‘Super Friends’ spoofs in shows like Family Guy and That 70’s Show, but this time...
Iman Peera
32 sec read

Spoiled Teen Beauty Queen Video | She Should Be Sent to Boot Camp

Some girls have it all. No chores, no cooking for themselves, and gifts every day. The girl in this video gets...
Kristy Pruitt
27 sec read

ABC Football Host Chris Berman Goes Mad | Caution: Offensive Language Used

We thought Nancy Grace was one whacked out lady when she went bazerk over the Paris Hilton Burger King commercial being...
Julie Popp
34 sec read

Amy Winehouse Drug Video | Singer Snorting Cocaine On Stage?

Amy Winehouse is one of the most publicized celebrity train wrecks around, but this video is still rather shocking. It appears...
Kristy Pruitt
23 sec read

5 Fake UFO Sighting Clips | Hilarious and Crazy Fake Videos

I get a special thrill out of laughing at fake UFO videos. I think of all the sad, pathetic people out...
Katrina Robinson
55 sec read

The Top 5 Celebrity Drunk Videos | David Hasselhoff, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, Ashlee Simpson & Oliver Reed

We all like to think of our favourite celebrities as clean cut, wholesome people with no vices don’t we? Well maybe...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Lindsay Lohan’s Worst Moments | 5 Videos of Car Chases, Rehab, Name-Calling & More

That Lindsay Lohan sure gets around. One minute she’s calling other starlets names, the next she’s crashing her car. And let’s...
Kristy Pruitt
1 min read

Sarah Silverman Music Video | I Love You More Than…

Ah, Sarah Silverman does it again. Some people might call this video discriminatory, but I would just suggest they get a...
Julie Popp
30 sec read

Celebrity and Reality TV Videos Recap

Love them or loathe them, it seems that celebrities are everywhere. And with the recent popularity of reality television, it seems...
Lauren Katulka
1 min read

Kim Peek Videos – Amazing Memory of individual with Savant Syndrome

This video below shows you Kim Peek, an extraordinary individual with an exceptional memory. Kim Peek was born in 1951 and...
Chris Tew
2 min read

Eva Longoria Sex Tape | The Worst Celebrity Sex Tape Ever – Cruel Hoax For Funny Or Die

EVA LONGORIA SEX TAPE There has been widespread speculation for the last few weeks about a supposed sex tape featuring Eva...
Dave Parrack
29 sec read