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Ugly Dog Video | Elwood Takes Ugliest Crown

Elwood has a face only a mother could love. This Chinese Crested cross Chihuahua took out the dubious honor of Ugliest...
Lauren Katulka
43 sec read

Cheetah Video | Poops On Wildlife Documentary Crew

We’ve all experienced the humiliation of being pooped on by a bird flying overhead. But according to big cat expert Jonathan...
Lauren Katulka
26 sec read

Hilarious Surfing Mice Video | The Radical Rodents

Get ready to be shocked . . . because these mice are absolutely crazy. You won’t believe that they can actually...
Katrina Robinson
23 sec read

Clever Cat Vid | Smart Feline Eats With Fork and Chopsticks

Tessa is one clever cat. While most felines are content to lap up their food the old fashioned way, she’d much...
Lauren Katulka
40 sec read

Cute Basset Hound Video | These Dogs Sure Do Love to Howl!

This is, quite possibly, the cutest video I’ve ever seen. Meet Colby Chaps, Bailey and Clancy, three awesome and adorable basset...
Katrina Robinson
22 sec read

Soccer Dog Foiled By Virtual Football

Are you afraid your dog will knock things over if he plays with a ball indoors? Are you just too lazy...
Lauren Katulka
27 sec read

Crazy Animal Fight | Awesome Kangaroo Boxing Video

Normally when animals fight it is a horrible thing to watch, but there that is definitely not true with kangaroos! Kangaroo...
Brendan Van Voris
23 sec read

The Cat Channel | Tips, Hints, Help – Everything Your Cat Needs

Are you mad about cats? In love with your furry feline? Do you wish you could be an even better kitty...
Chris Tew
50 sec read

Smart Dog Playing Nintendo Wii Beats Man at Tennis

You thought there was some trick to this title. You thought maybe there was a dog pretending to play Nintendo, but...
Alex Jeffreys
24 sec read

Funny Dog Video, AKA: A Lesson in Vigilance

Call me pessimistic, bit if there is one truth in life, it’s that there is always someone trying to steal your...
Chris Tew
43 sec read

Sedated Kitten Video | Drunken Cat after Encounter with the Vet

This kitten just got back from a heavily sedated session at the vets and he’s flying high as a kite. I...
Chris Tew
46 sec read

7 of the best Animal Fight Videos | Chickens, Rabbits, Monkeys, Bears, Cougars and more

Animals have always been a great source of entertainment and even more so when they get violent. So I took a...
Chris Tew
45 sec read

PetStyle | The Pet TV Station for Dogs and Cats

PetStyle is, as far as I know, the first online TV station focused solely on pets. PetStyle’s vision is to enrich...
Chris Tew
39 sec read