All the crazy and hardcore extreme sports out there get featured in this section of Web TV Hub. We have videos and TV channels that feature insane parachuting, cliff diving, high speed zip lines, bungee jumping and any other crazy sport that has an extreme level of danger. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you watch these thrilling video clips.

Extreme Sports

Extreme Rollerblading Video | More Wheels Means More Fun!

Rollerblading is a really fun way to see the city, but why stop at just two sets of wheels? Getting around...
Lauren Katulka
23 sec read

Hilarious Potato Wrestling Video | Potato King Defends Championship Belt

Why feed starving children across the world when we can mash our potatoes and wrestle in them too?
22 sec read

Amazing Unicycle Video | Who Needs Two Wheels?

I used to think the only people who rode unicycles were old men and juggling clowns. Then I saw Kris Holm....
Lauren Katulka
25 sec read

Insane Climbing Video | Dan Osman Demonstrates His Speed-Climbing Skills

Will the real Spiderman, please stand up, please stand up! Dan Osman is the legendary Spiderman brought to life. When you...
Julie Popp
31 sec read

Crazy Wingsuit Flying Video Footage | Ever Wanted To Fly?

Well, these guys get the closest to actually flying as is humanly possible. To me, this still looks scary as all...
Julie Popp
27 sec read

Cool Skateboarding Video | Board + Balloons = More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

Have you ever dreamed of skateboarding through a zillion balloons? I haven’t either. But apparently somebody did, and even followed through...
Kristy Pruitt
26 sec read

Stunts Gone Wrong – Painful Video Compilation | Warning: Not for The Squeamish!

Recently, I watched a show performed by Canadian artistes, Cirque du Soleil . As I was watching (admittedly, through the gaps...
Hemlyn Ratnam
1 min read

BoardRideTV | Action Sport Videos – Kite Surfing, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding & More

BoardRideTV was founded in July 2007 and is an action sports video website for web users worldwide to watch and share...
Andrew Macarthy
29 sec read

Skydiving Granny Looses Her Teeth Video | Keep Your Mouth Closed!

Before you can even strap a parachute on your back, you must go through a couple of hours learning about the...
Julie Popp
29 sec read

Julien Dupont Motorbike Stunt Video | Bike Phenomenon Displays His Skills In France

Motorbikes are dangerous things at the best of times. How many occasions have there been where you’ve heard about people falling...
Dave Parrack
40 sec read

Extreme Wheelchair Videos | WheelChair Stunts, Sports, Flips, Hiking & Racing

I was amazed to see what some of these guys can do in a wheelchair in these YouTube videos. Pure adrenaline...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Insane BASE Jump Video | Reverse Bungee Jump With Parachute Landing

Bungee jumping was all the rage some years ago, and it’s still a favorite pastime of adrenaline junkies everywhere. BASE jumping,...
Kristy Pruitt
34 sec read

X-Gamer Jake Brown Endures Huge Big Air Crash (Vid)

When I first saw this on TV, I was shocked and terrified for this poor skater. This is Jake Brown, well-known...
Julie Popp
28 sec read

Awesome Skateboard Ramp Jumping Video | Danny Way Breaks Two World Records

This skateboarding video shows Danny Way doing some amazing jumps on the Mega Ramp. Whether you’re a skating fan or not,...
Kristy Pruitt
21 sec read

Extreme Hill Climbing Vid – The Little Dune Buggy That Could Takes a Tumble

The world would be a pretty shitty place without grandmas. They have nothing to do with this clip, but I couldn’t...
Chris Tew
50 sec read

World’s Fastest Zip Line Video | It’s the Next Best Thing to Being There

This video of the world’s fastest zip line in Sun City, South Africa will have your adrenaline pumping as you watch...
Kristy Pruitt
32 sec read