News and links to Web television channels that show sports and sports news, or video clips of sporting events


Killer Surfing Clip | Pepsi Commercial Integrates Surfing and Soccer

Pepsi has the right idea. Take some awesome athletes, put them on a beach playing soccer, and then integrate soccer and...
Katrina Robinson
23 sec read

Awesome Surfing Clip | Germans Surf River

Watch these Germans surf a river in the Munich English Garden. It’s incredible—I had no idea that you could actually surf...
Katrina Robinson
22 sec read

Alternative Extreme Sports Video | Awesome Free Running Compilation

Le Parkour or Free Running is becoming an increasingly popular sport. It originally began in France as a means of expression...
Brendan Van Voris
29 sec read

Insane Surfing Vid | Waves Made from Dynamite!

These guys either have a screw loose or don’t understand the concept of death! Just thinking about participating in this stunt...
Katrina Robinson
20 sec read

Incredible Bowling Video | Drunk Guy Picks Up Amazing Split

This guy’s goofing off, most likely after a few too many beers. It’s obvious bowling isn’t his choice of sport, because...
Katrina Robinson
24 sec read

Video of Violent Clubbing in Strange Foriegn Sport

Bored? Here’s an idea. Get all of your friends together and make a human circle around two men holding giant Captain-Caveman-like...
Michael van Cleave
27 sec read

Baseball Tantrum Video | Mississippi Braves’ Manager Ejected From Game

Mississippi Braves’ manager, Phillip Wellman, threw a major league hissy fit when he was expelled from his team’s game recently. The...
Lauren Katulka
44 sec read

Funny Tricycle Accidents | Little Kids Crashing

Laughing at this video is undeniably sadistic, but I challenge you not to. There is something undeniably hilarious about kids falling...
Brendan Van Voris
25 sec read

Bike Stunt Video | Insane Stunt Cyclist Shows Off Balancing Skills

So you thought you had good balance huh? Maybe you do martial arts, maybe you can ‘wax on, wax off’ whilst...
Alex Jeffreys
22 sec read

Dutch Hockey Web TV Channel | Hockey TV

Hockey TV is an internet TV station dedicated to Dutch Hockey. The Dutch Hockey channel is currently showing highlights and event...
Chris Tew
17 sec read | Fly-Fishing TV and video community

If you are one of those people that feel fishing is a religion then you are bound to get hooked on...
Chris Tew
43 sec read

MLBTV – Watch live Major League Baseball games

The Major League Baseball season is upon us and has raised the quality and features of its internet video offerings...
Chris Tew
36 sec read

10 Kung Fu Videos

It’s time for another selection of themed videos and this time it’s Kung Fu. Here are 10 of the best Kung...
Chris Tew
1 min read

NFL Videos

If you are football crazy then you are going to need your dose of NFL videos to kill some time until...
Chris Tew
29 sec read

NCAA Tournament Channel | Basketball highlights and video clips

CBS has launched a YouTube channel to show CBS Sports programming of NCAA game clips and highlights. Videos are uploaded in...
Chris Tew
15 sec read

Golf TV and Lifestyle TV added to TiVoCast on Series 2 TiVo DVRs

American users of TiVo Series 2 digital video recorders are now able to get two more internet TV channels through the...
Chris Tew
49 sec read

Ultimate Fighting Championship alternative coming online

An alternative to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) could be officially heading to the internet sometime next year. The Jungle Fight...
Chris Tew
20 sec read

Get your fix of Rally TV and Rally Videos

If you are a rally fan you are going to love this web TV channel. 321GoVideo is a rally TV station...
Chris Tew
47 sec read