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So this new Youtube internet icon PewDiePie has a new video out where he’s just answering some Q & A junk but it’s gotten like over a million views and the real question is WHY!? Is it because he’s obviously a foreigner? Is it because he’s supposedly good-looking? Are all his fans girls??? Probably.

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“Shut Up! Cartoons” has just created a new hilarious addition to their educational spoof series featuring witty little kids teaching the ironical themes of stereotyping. I admit, I was pretty suspicious at first but if you just sit back and enjoy it for the satire that it is, and just have a good laugh at the jokes and expense of real hood society the way any good humored American should, you’ll have a fun time with it.

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Posted in: Internet TV Tips, News and Regular TV Episodes by Iman Peera on March 1, 2009
Free TV

In case you haven’t noticed, we at WebTvHub are big fans of the word “free.” Especially when it comes to watching TV shows, quality web series, and movies.

So when we heard our friends at PopCrunch had made an “Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online” we were naturally interested.
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The problem with all of the video online is the dilemma of how to organize it. Micro, which is still in beta stage, is a new client that aims to be the mother-of-all video aggregators.

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The only problem with the vast spectrum of YouTube videos are the limitations of where to access them. The dilemma basically boils down to this: if you can’t access the internet, then you can’t access YouTube videos. If you’re always on the go like me, you may experience painful YouTube withdrawal symptoms.

Now there’s software to cure that and put those videos in your pocket.

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The only problem with most Web Television sites is the lack of interaction. Sure, sometimes you can leave a comment, but honestly, how social is that?

Wi-Fi TV brings you online entertainment as well as social networking in one place.

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canoetv was launched today, Canada’s first (official) online on demand broadcaster. The site was launched by Quebecor Media Inc. and promises to deliver a wide selection of video content from traditional sources.

Currently, 50 titles are available as of today and 400 more are planned on launching within the next year.

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Posted in: Internet TV Tips, News and Online TV Software & Tools by Iman Peera on November 26, 2007

Those days of paying for video calling are over. Actually, those days of using a program to make video calls are over too.

Unlike most video conferencing services, SnapYap offers stress-free video communication with absolutely nothing to install.

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So you’ve got some extra cash laying around and are contemplating to yourself: “Self…should I buy that iPod Video? How else can I get all my favorite music, movies, and shows in the palm of my hand at an affordable price?”

Well, I think it’s about time for you and “self” to have a little sit-down because I’m about to save you some money. Introducing; the answer to your prayers.

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muvibee better than youtube for music videos

Finally, the answer to a music lover’s prayers: Access thousands of music videos and organize them to your desire. Simply type in the artist or song-title then see your results.

Sick of the same old music? Muvibee always has the latest charts on its homepage provided officially by iTunes.

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